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User Guide

To set up and configure SecureClone on your mobile device please follow the instructions below.

First, there will be a few small notes you need to know before using:

  • Android operating systems supported 4.0.3 - 9.x.x
  • You need physical access to the device to install SecureClone. But fortunately, with a few simple steps, you can quickly install this application.
  • To use all features of SecureClone, you should root the device. However, rooting the device is too difficult for you to find the documentation on or upgrade the usage plan to easily use our advanced features.
  • Not all features are available on Dual SIM devices. Give it a try, and we'll refund if you're not satisfied. There are a few features we need to do better, don't be afraid to share your opinion with us. In case your device is not compatible, we will refund your money do not worry about this issue.

Follow us step by step and you'll enjoy the good with SecureClone easily:

  • After downloading the installation file, open it. You ensure that your device allows installation of files from unknown sources.


  1. Open the Settings application on your device.
  2. Tap on Apps.
  3. Now tap on the 3-dots icon located at the top right of the screen.
  4. Select Special access.
  5. Tap on install unknown apps.
  6. From here you would be able to enable the permission for individual apps to install unknown APK files.
    1. Let’s say for example you want to install an APK file from the My Files app.
    2. Simply tap on the My Files app from the list and then toggle on the option Allow from this source. 


That's it,and now we can install the application on the device is really easy.

However, to understand how to use it, please refer to the documentation on our website.
And the next step we will configure is that the application can run on the target device.

Note: For each type of device will have different operations. But basically the same general. If in trouble please do not hesitate to contact us.

The device we use for this article is SM-G9650 (Samsung galaxy s9+) Android version 9.




In order for the application to work well and to promote the efficiency, the initial configuration step before use is an extremely important step.
With this document will help you easily configure the device to work properly.
One and note you need to know before you can configure your device.
You already have an account on the SecureClone system and make sure the account you are using has been upgraded with the appropriate license package. Opening an account on the SecureClone system, buying a license and applying that license to your account can easily refer to the previous documents.

Now let's get started.

Please agree to our terms of use. You can easily refer to our official website for terms of use

Please disable google play protect:

The exploitation of some data caused google to rate the secureclone application as a malicious application so turning off google play protect is a necessary step.

-In order for the application to access some resources, authorize the application. Some basic rights such as acess call log, sms, file ... All rights will be asked in turn and you just accept

The data that the application access is listed in the data policy if not clear you can review Privacy Policy

The application running in the background will cause your android system to force the application to stop working when battery saving mode is enabled. So stop optimizing battery usage.

Enable Accessibility.

Normally the application will stop when reboot but with the SecureClone app. Requiring the application to always run as a service is required. This step will keep the application running even if you reboot your device.


Finally some functions like gps will need to allow notifications so follow the instructions you will allow the app to receive notifications on the device.

To get the app ready for its great functions, log in.

What are you waiting for, discover the utilities that the application can ang back for you


The license is distributed through our partner BeeCheckout, our trusted software vendor.
It's easy to buy a SecureClone license package sold by BeeCheckout, a trusted partner.
With a few mouse clicks you can easily buy.
Some information you need to know before buying a license:


  • You need a legitimate email to receive a license when the system recognizes you have successfully paid for your order.
  • You can create yourself an account on the BeeCheckout system to be more convenient to use for the next time as well as receive incentives from BeeChecout for new members.
  • The information about bank accounts, credit ... is completely confidential, you can also read more about BeeCheckout's privacy policy.
  • To make it safer to trade online, we recommend that you only buy licenses at BeeCheckout which is a reputable partner and we do not provide licenses on any other systems.

Here are some steps to help you buy a license to use SecureClone's service:

First of all, please give yourself a suitable package but to experience all the great features of SecureClone we recommend that you choose Premium.

Once you have selected and clicked on the appropriate package, the system will redirect you to the payment page. don't worry because this is the payment page of the BeeCheckout system, we have trusted and chosen to place our store on this system so you can rest assured.

Please continue to complete the necessary information for the buyer as well as the person who will receive this license. A valid email will be needed for a quick purchase.You can also use discount codes here.

You will be reviewed carefully for the information you provided again.

Finally, enter your paypal account or credit card information to complete the payment process. Account information will be completely confidential.
The license will be sent to the email you declared earlier.
It will take you a minute or two to receive an email, otherwise check the trash folder.

After receiving the license, please see How to apply a license package for SecureClone account.





t's unhappy that the nice day the functions you are using are no longer available, or you receive an account expiration notice.

At that time, it is also the time to renew or upgrade the package for your account on SecureClone system.
Fortunately, with the detailed instructions in this article, you will easily use the code to renew your SecureClone account.

Log in your SecureClone account and go to

Click the "Renew Now" button to proceed to enter the license code you had earlier.

Enter the license code and then click the "Continue" button.

It is done. You can easily check the account information as well as the history of the license codes you have used.



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